The Longiflorum

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White Heaven®

The most successful and therefore also the best known longiflorum is White Heaven®. The variety accounts for 80% of the total supply of longiflorums at Dutch auctions. 

Longiflorums form a separate group within the lily assortment. They only occur naturally in Japan and Taiwan, but they also turn out to do very well on European soil. 

The trumpet-shaped flower of the Longiflorum is always white. In spite of the limited genetic base, it offered sufficient challenge to breeders. The varieties "Snow Queen" (Osnat) and "White Europe" were the first ones that truly put the longiflorum on the map as a cut flower. White Heaven® has taken over that position. The combination of abundant flowering and large flowers has made the “White Heaven®” the most important longiflorum.

Every year, the members of The Longiflorum analyse the market situation of the cup-shaped lily in general and White Heaven® in particular.